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Why Twenty20?

Now this is a story all about how.. My business got its name. I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. I’ll tell you why I named my company Twenty20 Skincare! 

It all started in December 2018 when I was driving around in Ghana and I saw a sign that said “Vision 2020.” It caught my eye and I was curious to find out what the poster meant. Now one thing about Ghanaians is that they are very creative. So oftentimes, when you’re out and about, you’ll see business names like “God gives electronics” or “The Lord is my shepherd hair salon.” Naturally, I like to read these signs out loud. I remember curiously reading the poster out loud and my mom responded saying, “2020 vision, like clear vision.” “Oh!” I thought, “that’s clever seeing as we’re going to be entering the year 2020 very soon.” 

I didn’t give it much thought that day but later on I did some research and found out why that sign was posted all over the city of Accra. In 1995, President Jerry John Rawlings presented a document titled “Vision 2020” which was a constitution that obliged the incoming government to present “a coordinated programme of economic and social development policies." 

Now I won’t get into all the socio-economic implications of this but knowing this encouraged me to start thinking of the economic development needs in Ghana and what I could do to support the local economy. By this time I was already purchasing Shea Butter for my personal use. Little did I know that the very next year, I would finally muster up the courage to start my own business that would feature a product unique to Ghanaian economy. 

I tested out a few names (which I’ll keep to myself) but in the end I decided to go with Twenty20. Yes, the name is Twenty20 - Say it twice. 20 x 2! Why? Because the idea of Vision 2020 is a clear vision to stimulate socio-economic development in Ghana. It is our vision to create in whatever way possible that would improve the livelihood of all who come across it. Twenty 20 Skincare’s vision is for clear and simple products that are safe for our health and earth. Everything is clear and natural. As we grow, the vision will still remain - to be a business that can impact the world with clear, natural and sustainable ingredients from the motherland - Ghana. 

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