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FEATURE: Small Business Saturday

Today's blog is an interview I did with Rylan and Alex of Island Meadow Clay all about Twenty20 Skincare. 

" Happy Saturday Islanders!

I love how we have created a new proper noun out of our amazing community.  Welcome back to another episode of Small Business Saturday.  This week we would like to introduce you to Elena, from Twenty20 Skincare in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Before the pandemic I worked as a admin assistant at an intellectual law firm in Ottawa and was in the habit of wearing a full face of makeup.  I love what a good mascara can do to my eyes!  However, much like most of you we started working from home and the want to put on a full face of makeup soon vanished.  My goal then became to find products that would look great and nourish my skin at the same time.  Enter, Twenty20 Skincare!  I have been a long time user of shea butter and I feel silly for saying this but often just bought bulk on amazon before I met Elena.  I was so happy when I found Elena, and my first contact was through a giveaway which I was so pleased to have won!  Elena awarded us with a beautiful shea butter product that I used daily and have been in love with ever since.  I think my favorite is the lavender scent!  So amazing!

I hope you all fall in love with Elena and her absolutely amazing products! 


Rylan "

Read the rest of the blog post here


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