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Practicing Physical Wellness in 2021

Happy New Year! As we are well into the new year, I wanted to talk about some of the things I learnt last year that I am bringing into this new year. Most importantly, experiencing covid, lockdowns, restrictions and shut downs made it really important to go back to the basics. Physical wellness has always proven to be beneficial to me. Having an active lifestyle helps me to feel good all around. I know there are so many scientific benefits to physical wellness so today I’m going to share practically what I do and how it helps me. I hope you can glean something to add to your own daily routines.


1.    I get outside in nature

I’m used to being on my feet a lot but being at home really limits activity. Going for walks is so beneficial because you’re getting fresh air, sunshine, and staying active. Spending time outdoors is known as nature therapy. Especially if you have a nice trail around you, it’s the perfect thing to do. I enjoy walking to the post office to drop off packages (when there aren’t too many!)

2.    I drink water like it’s a game

In the morning, I fill up a big mason jar of water and make it a competition with myself to finish it before noon every day. Starting off the day drinking a lot of water helps set me in motion to stay hydrated all day.

3.    I’m consistent in my skincare routine

It wouldn’t be me if I skipped this step. But I make it a point to cleanse, tone and moisturize every single day! I also use all-natural quality products on my skin because I’m worth it. If you’re wondering my current favourite scent is Sweet Orange Shea Body Butter and Citrus Honey Lip Balm. The Sweet Orange essential oil in both those products have a wonderfully uplifting aroma which is just the pick me up I need these days.

4.    I keep to a regular sleep schedule

We are home all day, every day (I hope) so the days and weeks can kind of blend into one. Having a regular sleep schedule makes it easier to regulate time and feel normal. Don’t neglect the power of a goodnight’s rest. Just a few minutes of silence and rest can do a lot for your day, how much more a nice long sleep.  


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