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Eco Friendly Ways to Reuse Your Twenty20 Jars

Can we talk about how underrated glass jars are? Our lives consist of daily purchases that help with survival and comfort like food, cosmetics, cleaning products. The reality is, these items come in packaging. Whether boxes, plastic, glass or whatever new material is on the market. Here at Twenty20 Skincare our rich Shea Body Butters come in an amber glass jar while our Shea Body Scrubs come in transparent jars. This means that being a regular customer automatically makes you a jar collector! Fortunately for you, we will be sharing seven (7) sustainable ways to repurpose our jars.

PRO TIP: spare no Shea Butter residue, make sure you enjoy the moisture to the fullest and start with a clean jar.


Up cycle your Twenty20 Glass jars into succulent planters

Have you considered becoming a plant parent? Here’s your chance to get started. It is almost impossible to kill a succulent. Try growing one!

DIY candle making

 We’re all about DIY! Create a sweet scent for your space and explore the artistic process of candle.Youtube is a great learning resource.

Bathroom Supplies Storage

Our jars can serve as a great and neutral storage solution for q-tips, cotton balls, dental floss and other bathroom essentials.

Create a gratitude or affirmation jar

 Write down your testimonies, current blessings or milestones on paper and keep them in the jar for the days you need a reminder.

Paint/decorate and gift to others

You can decorate the jar,  even paint over it yourself, add tags or even fill with thoughtful items to gift to others - this is a fun idea and a cute way to reuse it.

Coin storage

A modern take to the bright pink piggy bank, our jars can be used to hold change, for laundry or savings, around the house to keep organized or for tips at a restaurant.

Office supply holder

For all your paper clips, staples, pens, pencils and highlighter needs, our jars can serve as great organizers to keep thing separate and in reach.


And if all else fails, the jar can simply be recycled in your “blue” bin. Just remember to remove the label first!

 Written by Stephanie of The Sefakor Blog

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