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Introducing Hibiscus Rose Shea Butter

At Twenty20, I have the pleasure of knowing clients from all walks of life. There are babies, children, men and women all using my products. The majority of them appreciate the natural scents of our Shea Butter line.

Being that they are 100% natural products, the scents come from the essential oils and natural ingredients found in the product. I do however, have some clients who have asked for a stronger scent, a fruitier or floral scent. You know, something you can put on that resembles other products they have used in the past. Usually this can only be achieved by using artificial fragrances but in keeping with the brand values, I have opted out of using artificial fragrances and flavour oils.

Through intensive research and sampling, I was finally able to formulate a scent that is 100% natural but has a beautiful fresh, rose, floral scent. The Hibiscus Rose Shea Butter is made with Hibiscus flower infused oil and Rose Geranium essential oil. The Geranium essential oil is derived by steam distillation of the leaves of Pelargonium graveolens, a plant species native to South Africa.

So all in all, this product has the results and benefits of Twenty20’s Shea Butter products and a fresh scent. I’m dedicating this one to Hamzia, Danielle and Stephanie. Three powerful young women I know from different walks of life and are the inspiration for the Twenty20 Skincare’s Hibiscus Rose Shea Butter.

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